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At Spirit Bear Lodge every season presents glorious inspiration reflecting our ever changing Earth Mother, to awaken our connection with Creator. 

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Retreats for individuals, couples, families and groups. 

Experience the healing of a private retreat along the banks of the Hudson River amid the solitude of Spirit Bear Lodge.  Retreats range from 4 to 14 days in either a lodge style setting or a traditional teepee.  

Visionary Readings

We at Spirit Bear Lodge believe that the Original People’s of the North Americas way of communicating with those who have left the earth plane allows us to find our path in this life.  With this in mind, we are dedicated to helping you reconnect emotionally with loved ones, here on earth and those who have crossed over.   We want to help you understand the hoop of your life, reconnecting you with the past through the connection of your Ancestry with the Old Ones.  By doing so, we can help you retrieve lost fragments of your soul. 

Spirit Bear Lodge