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My name is Magali Gigagei Galvloi.   I give thanks for the Adanvdo (Love) of Galvladi (Creator). I give thanks to Aniwodi  These connections have been validations of the blood that runs through me of the people who have hidden in the trees.  It has been expressed to me since I was born, by my mother, that I am Tsalagi (Cherokee).   I have walked the red road since the day the red sun touched my brow at birth.  The traditions taught to me are traditions passed to me through the teachings of my mother and fatherís people, passed through her by my grandmother and great grandmother of Tsalagi (Cherokee) descent. Elisi Heart Song for the validation you have presented to this Grandson of the blood that flows from his Mother and Fatherís veins of the Aniyvwiwa (the principle people).
The spiritual beliefs bestowed on me at an early age were those of my ancestors born to this world past and present.  I stand true to these, my familyís traditional teachings, and wish to share in a good and humble way.  I, as a grown man, have been developing and interpreting these teachings all my life.  They are true to my lineage spoken to me by my ancestors here and now

As a child I first connected with the four leggeds, the winged ones, the standing nation of trees while on my Stump Ceremony.  It was then that I developed a deep love and respect for my animal helpers. 

Since that time I have been able to whisper with animals, both alive and crossed over.  I have helped many animals heal in this life and transition into the after life, and I continue to connect with my animal spirit helpers daily.

As a young man l was gifted with insight through near-death experiences that opened my mind and my soul to the messages and inspiration of those who live in the crystal palace of Galvladi (Creator) house.  Beyond the understanding of my culture and tribal beliefs, my life path has brought me understanding and experience with many cultures and religions and I embrace great compassion and respect for all beliefs.

with respect, honor, gratitude and compassion for all of life ha ni ge do ha
Magali Gigagei Galvloi