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Morning Prayer

Please God, this morning, help me choose to love.

There is enough fear - so I won't enhance it.

There is enough doubt - so I won't dare dance it.

There is enough pain - so I won't embrace it.

There is enough hurt - so I won't retrace it.

This morning God, please help me choose to love.

With so much hate - help me not add to it.

With so much gossip - help me not do it.

With so much greed - help me not grab more.

With so much uneasiness - help me do my chore.

With so much envy - help me not re-sound it.

With so much selfishness - help me not compound it.

Every morning, God,

with your help,

I will choose to love !

A. C. Jones Oliver 1995



Here is a poem for thought written a bit ago.

' About Hate ' 

What gives any one of us

The right to take into our own

Heart hate of any form?

How dare we choose to hate

That which God, our Creator,

The Great Mystery loves

Love always,

”2009 Adelyn C. Oliver


23 December 2010  
Spirit Bear Lodge Words for the holiday season. 

As I sit warmed by the sacred fire I quietly ponder how thankful I am for all the blessings of the Great Spirit, which are showered on me, just because I am alive.  I am truly grateful.  

Some blessings come as abundance in Creatorís ways like having food to eat - I just stop and think, that from a single kernel of corn such abundant harvest flows.  The blessing of family, whether it be birth family, extended family, adopted family, or planetary family; those with whom lives are shared and value each other through thick and thin.  The gift of clean crisp air to breathe tinged with the essence of evergreen, fresh pure water to drink, Grandfather Sun shining warmly on my face even in mid winter, Grandmother Moon lighting my way at night, Father Sky above, Mother Earth below, gentle winds, stormy winds, rain, hail, snow, stone people steady in the river as waters flow by, sometimes rushing, sometimes calmly; and standing nation swaying in a dance with the wind.  Other blessings come as compost, which is necessary for new growth to take place, whether it is to nourish my body, my soul, my mind, or my spirit.  If I am not constantly changing I stagnate, and thankfully compost is part of this changing process.  Compost comes in challenging difficulties of life, when I wish things were different, but they are not and I breathe anyway.  My heart beats anyway as life goes on, and I am grateful.  

As the new year begins I consider all these blessings and am ever grateful for the Gift of Life.  I give prayerful thanks each morning to the Master of Breath and look forward to another day with whatever it brings.  Do you?  I invite you to connect with me in the circle of life as we are all related and I look forward to hearing from you with comments, questions or just to share a thought or two.  In the new year I offer prayers for peace and togetherness, hope and healing of not just myself but also the Earth Mother and all beings who dance on Mother Earth.  I pray to Father Sky with gratitude for the gentle air, the strong winds which intensely blow.  Yet through which I am able to emerge and be thankful for this precious Gift of Life. 


Grandmother Speaks as the wind whispers through me.

Respect is a word I like to ponder.  I respect the wind as it whispers through me from the old ones gone before. 

I first want to talk of respect and what it means to me.  I feel respect for self is foremost, because without this any person cannot respect another or others.  Self respect covers all aspects of life. 

For example, if I respect myself then I am not going to harm or disrespect another. I respect my body by nourishing it in a healthful way to support each cell with sustenance.  By exercising, I respect the intelligence that created the wonder of this gift of a body to be able to move and keep limber.  I respect my mind by elevating my thoughts and thinking kindly of myself and others.  I respect my own unique talents and abilities.  I respect what I can do rather than dwell on what I can not do, or wish I could do.  I respect my spirit by joyously meeting lifeís challenges with strength and confidence.  I respect my Earth Mother, Father sun and Grandmother moon, the Four Directions, the stars and the space between the stars.  I respect the standing nation and the stone people, the seasons, the tiniest insects, the four legged ones, the two legged ones, those who fly, those who crawl.  They are all phases of expression of life.  Self respect includes morality, having high standards and respecting above all the Creator who respects me enough to give me breath and to keep my heart beating.

I am Grandmother Adelyn Heart Song. Tsi-Tsa-la-gi, I am Cherokee.   I enjoy learning the language, craftwork, painting, writing poetry, songs and stories.  I have been walking the Red Road for seven years. My message is to honor all those who have gone before with unconditional love.  And prayers for all my relations for seven times seven generations.



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