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Love Letter to the Wind Spirit
by Grandmother Heart Song

I love the way you gently caress my face
In soft summer breezes
Filled with delicate blossom fragrances.

I love the way you play with autumn leaves
In their colorful dance at seasonís end,
As their final encore blows whirlwind,
Twirl-wind sights of delight to my eyes.

I love the way you sculpt the snow
Into dramatic mounds and vales in the chill of winter,
As I squint through layers of cloth covering me
From blowing frost. I love the forms you mold.

I love the way you play in spring
Upon the mud and everything
That dances green anew.

I love the way you whistle and sing your song
through the pinesí lovely needles long.

And so Ö Dear Wind Spirit I write these words
With thanks and unconditional love
For you.

©Adelyn Oliver 19 March 2012 

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I am Grandmother Adelyn Heart Song. Tsi-Tsa-la-gi, I am Cherokee.   I enjoy learning the language, craftwork, painting, writing poetry, songs and stories.  I have been walking the Red Road for many years. My message is to honor all those who have gone before with unconditional love.  And prayers for all my relations for seven times seven generations.



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