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Spirit Bear Lodge is a retreat and holistic center whose roots are based in Native American tradition and centered on Earth-based medicine for healing and spiritual fulfillment.

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Our belief is that the day is coming when all people and life forms will be united to heal the world by right living in harmony with the rhythms of Mother Earth. Our mission is to bring healing power and understanding to all who seek it and are willing to learn.   Our philosophy is to live in the way of the Creator, an understanding held by the Original people’s of the North Americas and tribal cultures throughout many generations. 

So come to a place where you can follow natural paths to a grand old tree and give her a hug, then go down to the mighty, cleansing river, the Hudson in a pristine state.  Here abundant wildlife scurries, flies, sings and saunters throughout the land.  Wild flowers proudly glow in dazzling arrays. Hear bluejays, look for hawks, robins, blue herons, chickadees, deer and hear Phoebee’s song.



.Magali Gigagei Galvloi, founder of Spirit Bear Lodge, has a deep compassion for the circle of life.  Through his dedication, built with training from childhood, he has learned to tap into the knowledge of the Old Ones, our spiritual ancestors and the purveyors of wisdom, who teach the way of spirit life through example.  He becomes a vessel, a hollow reed,  serving to bring this knowledge and inspiration to others.  His life's work is to help those who call upon him to unlock their own immense healing potential, to tap into the well of goodness that dwells within each of us as he shares the wisdom of the Old Ones.  His gifts are truly unique.

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I am Sheila Weaver, also known as Little Thunder Bear, not long ago given the name Dragonfly Singer.  Recently, I discovered my Mohawk heritage which is awakening as I am recognizing what has always been part of me.  This memory comes through especially when I am in Spirit or beading as well as at other special times.  I focus on giving people unconditional love through helping them seek their own inner beauty and assist in encouraging them to shine their soul outward.

Spirit Bear Lodge